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Platform for children and teenagers

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    Basma NahhasBasma Nahhas

    The platform for children and teenagers is an innovative platform that actually supports these three aspects: that children can handle sustainable issues at an early age, understand them, and also participate in activities related to them. For example, encouraging children to stay connected with nature by being active. For this, children receive points for activities such as movement. The points they earn are like virtual money. Children are allowed to continue developing or decide themselves where this money goes, of course with the consent of parents or teachers. This means children can say, ‘We can buy something with this money, we can donate, we can read books, or play a game.’ The main thing is that everything in the environment of the learning platform takes into account sustainability aspects, allowing children to think about other children. It also sensitizes children early on to the topic of money management so they can understand complex topics like tax law, as you mentioned. The topics should adapt to each level. It is important for children to know how they can invest or manage their money


    Hi, my name is Jane. I’m interested in your project and would like to join your group.
    Let me know what you think please.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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